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The genuine task of liturgical studies and sacramental theology is

  • to systematically collect the liturgical practices of the entire Christian tradition.

 Also, the origin and development

  • of their ritual forms
  • as well as their substance regarding sacramental theology shall be explored.

This helps to understand and explain the existent liturgy/liturgies and their continuous need of reform. 
This leads to

  • the ecumenic and interreligious focus of liturgical studies on the one hand and
  • to its interdisciplinary cooperation, which is urged by its pluralism of methods, with the (especially dogmatic, biblical and pastoral) theological, humanities and social sciences disciplines.

Manuscript of the Mystery Book or Divine Liturgy, 1714. Copied by the scribe Eghiay Marzvantsi in Marzvan, a small village in historical Armenia Minor.Frontispiece depicting 'Communion of the Apostles', The Last Supper, and title page with text in letters in the shape of birds 'Oh Jesus Christ our Lord who art clothed',1714.

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